Wheel Sentry Indicator & Retainer 10 Stud

Wheel Sentry Indicator & Retainer 10 Stud

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Need a combined wheel-nut indicator and retainer in one? Wheel Sentry® does just that! Wheel Sentry® indicates any wheel nut movement while retaining the nuts.

Simply fitted to the wheel nuts of your HGV, they are linked together with a Viton band that allows wheel nuts to loosen slightly, but then holds them at a lower torque level. The new position of the Wheel Sentry® indicator is clearly visible when checked and ensures prompt attention to the loosened nut.

Wheel Sentry® retains wheel nuts without causing the fatigue and thread damage that conventional retainers can. Helping prevent the expense of damage or accident, and giving prompt indication of any potential problems.

Minimum order 10 - Includes 10 Indicators & 1 Viton Band to fit 1 wheel


  • Wheel-nut indicator and retainer in one
  • Fits 10 stud configurations 
  • Unique design
  • No tools needed to install or replace
  • Allows small amount of nut loosening but retains at safe torque level
  • Clear indication of when wheel nuts need tightening
  • Makes wheel checks easy for drivers
  • Heat build-up easily detected
  • Moisture exits through vents in cap
  • Prevents metal fatigue or thread damage through overstretching
The Benefits
  • Significantly reduce the risk of wheel detachments, accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • Reduces downtime and costly repairs
  • Prevent expensive DVSA prohibitions for suspect wheel fixings, and the consequences for drivers, operators’ OCRS and maintenance staff
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What's Included?
10 Indicators (set for 1 wheel)
1 Viton Band
Fitting Instructions - Download brief FittingInstructions

PCD Dimensions

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter, and is an imaginary circular line passing through the centre of all the studs on the wheel. The below diagram shows how to measure a 10 stud PCD.
10 Stud PCD Dimensions

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