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New updated version with even faster processing and direct USB Support

Download and upload vehicle unit data simply and efficiently with this Digivu device

Note: Visionfta Software is only provided with analysis contracts, please check compatibility if not using the equipment with FTA Software. Call 03717 11 22 22 for more information

The Digivu is compatible with FTA Tachograph analysis. But the Data is not auto uploaded the files created will need to be manually uploaded to FTA using Visionfta. Optionally view and copy files in standard Windows Explorer, Apple, Linux and Android.

Plug the Digivu's download key into the vehicle unit and an orange activity LED flashes. When the download is complete the LED will change to green and if an error occurs it will light up red.

A separate LED indicates the level of memory space left on the vehicle download device which ranges from green to orange and will finally show red when there is insufficient space for the download. The digivu comes with its own USB adapter for the PC.  Files will be automatically uploaded as soon as the digivu is inserted in the USB adaptor.

If your computer is not a Windows based machine but does support the reading of standard USB memory sticks you may be able to view and copy files directly from the digivu on an Apple, Linux or Andriod device.

The software supplied with the Digivu allows you to select exactly which data you need to download from your vehicle unit (latest activity only, full activity and speed data etc) as well as allowing you to optimise the download speed. This software is to configure the unit only it does not provide any analysis.

What’s included?

  • Digivu
  • 4GB USB Stick with Digiconnect Software
  • USB Adaptor
Download the Digivu User Guide

        Is the Digivu compatible with Apple Macs?

        The digivu is claimed to be the fastest download tool on the market, how does it do this?
        The digivu is specifically tuned for different manufacturers tachographs which gives a 20% increase in speed on average.  In addition to this the digivu stores information on each vehicle it downloads so that it is truly able to download just the data since the last download.

        How do I know when the digivu has finished downloading the VU?

        The digivu employs a simple traffic light system of LEDs with Orange indicating activity; Green completion and Red a problem.

        How do I get files from my digivu to my PC?

        The digivu comes with its own USB adapter for the PC.  Once the supplied software has been installed on your PC, files will be automatically uploaded as soon as the digivu is inserted in the USB adaptor.  You can optionally view and copy files in standard Windows Explorer. Apple, Linux and Android users may be able to read files directly from the digivu depending on the level of support for USB devices.  Basically if your device can read standard memory sticks you should be able to read files from digivu.

        Which format does digivu save files?
        Within the supplied PC software you can decide which file format you prefer from; ddd, v1b, c1b and tgd.  All files from the digivu contain the legally required signatures.

        How configurable is the digivu?
        The supplied digiconnect software allows you to define exact download requirements for each type of VU data; Calibration, Events, Speed, Detailed Speed and Faults and Events.  You can limit the number of days downloaded or let digivu manage this for you.

        Is the digivu compatible with Visionfta Software from the FTA?

        Visionfta communicates with the supplied digiconnect software so that files from the digivu are automatically placed in the Visionfta Upload Folder.

        How many vehicles can I download with the digivu?
        You can download as many as 100 vehicles at a time with the digivu before needing to archive files to the PC.  Digivu also manages its files so that archived files are automatically overwritten by the latest file.

        Can digivu download a Driver Card?
        Digivu can be used to download a Driver Card via the VU.  This setting is available within the supplied configuration software and is turned OFF by default.

        What if digivu requires a software update?

        From time to time if VU specifications change it may be necessary to issue new firmware.  Firmware updates are published at www.tachosys.com and can be easily loaded via the supplied configuration software, digiconnect.   Operating system changes may also require that digiconnect be updated.  These upgrades will be published at the same web site.

        What if my digivu shows a red light soon after it starts downloading?
        Make sure that the vehicle’s ignition light is on and that you have a valid Company Card inserted in the Tachograph.  Remove the digivu and reinsert.  If the problem persists then you can connect the digivu to a PC and view the Error Log for further details on the problem.

        In the case of digivu+, the option which includes a portable card reader, how many card downloads can it perform on one set of batteries?
        Battery consumption is extremely low so the digivu+ should read in excess of 1,000 cards.

        How does digivu+ store driver cards?
        It is the digivu that stores both the Driver Cards and the VU files.  The card reader part of digivu+ is purely for reading the card and providing power to the digivu.  When the digivu is docked with the PC all files are uploaded for archiving. 

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