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EasyTac Package

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Manage your digital tachograph data simply and efficiently using this low-cost EasyTac package.

NB. This software does NOT analyse data against drivers' hours or working time directive regulations. To analyse data you will need to have a Tachograph analysis contract and additional software (e.g. Visionfta Software) and hardware to send data to FTA or another analysis provider. Please note that this software is non refundable once open unless faulty. Please call 03717 11 22 22* for further information and alternative solutions.

It's an ideal solution for those needing to periodically download, view and store digital drivers' card activity. The software package includes a Vehicle Download Device and a Heavy Base Card Reader and the Easytac Software.

Software features:

  • Easy to use and install with a simple user interface
  • View and print both driver and vehicle activity reports
  • Automatic visual reminders for when to download
  • Create familiar analogue-style tachograph timelines
  • Manage and forward your stored data via email
  • Highlights overspeeds, events and faults
  • Back-up and export your data
  • Supports an unlimited number of drivers and vehicles
  • Free upgrades and support

Compatible with:

  • Windows PCs running Windows 2000, XP or Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
  • All makes of digital tachographs used within Europe

The EasyTac package is excellent for viewing digital data and is particularly suited to agencies, owner drivers and other circumstances where the depot manager needs to access and store this type of information.

Please also note that once EasyTac software is licensed on a per-PC basis. In the event of theft or PC failure please contact us for further details.

Who is EasyTac downloader suitable for?
EasyTac downloader is suitable for all individuals and companies who wish to download, view and store their digital tachograph data. It can be used with single vehicles or larger fleets to help comply with government legislation for digital tachographs. EasyTac downloader does not provide analysis of your data against driver hours and working time legislation - you need to do this yourself, or send the downloaded files for further analysis as needed.

Are there any subscription fees or additional costs?
No, there is only the one time cost of the EasyTac downloader package. This includes free, unlimited, technical support.

Is the software easy to install?
EasyTac downloader is very easy to install - simply insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions. As well as an extensive user-guide, a printed quick-start guide is included within the package, and further help and support is available online.

I do not have a disk drive on my computer/laptop, can I still download the software?

Yes, you can download the latest version of the software or update your software by clicking on the following link http://www.easytac.eu/update/ you will just need your license key number.

Can I download more than one driver's card or vehicle?
With EasyTac downloader you are able to download an UNLIMITED number of drivers and vehicles.

Does downloading information from my driver's card remove the data?
No – data cannot be removed from a driver's card, it can only be copied. This is to ensure that enforcement officers have access to your data when required. Drivers' cards have sufficient internal memory to store ample activity and diagnostic information. Once full, the tachograph unit simply overwrites the oldest data with new information.

What driver's card readers are compatible with EasyTac downloader?
EasyTac downloader is designed to work with ALL smartcard readers that comply with industry-standard PC/SC specifications. Please ensure your reader meets this minimum requirement.

What VU downloaders are compatible with EasyTac?
EasyTac downloader is compatible with ALL types of vehicle unit download devices. It is not really suitable for use with combined download devices as you will need a USB card reader for the PC in order for you to activate the licence key.

Can I install EasyTac downloader on more than one PC?
Yes, but since each copy is licensed to run on one PC, to use EasyTac downloader on more than one computer you will need to buy additional copies of the software. Multiple copies of EasyTac downloader can share their data over a network, and the software also has features to enable quick and easy transfer between computers if they are not connected in this way.

What are the minimum technical requirements to run EasyTac?
- PC running Windows 2K, XP, Vista or 7
- Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or more
- A PC/SC compliant smartcard reader
EasyTac downloader can also run on other platforms such as Mac OS X with suitable software (for example VMWare).

Is EasyTac downloader compatible with Linux Software?
No, the EasyTac downloader will not run on Linux software.  Please see the minimum technical requirements above.

Can I leave EasyTac downloader running in the background while using my PC for something else?
Yes, EasyTac downloader can read and store data in the background, letting you get on with something else on your PC. An automatic read mode means there is no intervention required from the PC user. Drivers can just insert their card, which is automatically read, and then remove it when the light stops flashing.

Can I import my driver and vehicle files from other software packages?
Yes - providing your previously downloaded files conform to the relevant EU standards then EasyTac downloader can import them. Common file extensions used include .ddd and .esm.

How do I get software updates?
All EasyTac downloader customers are entitled to free in-version software updates. If you are connected to the internet, the software can check for updates each time it runs, and will prompt you with instructions on how to download and install these as needed.

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