Digipostpro LAN Version

Digipostpro LAN Version

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This fast, efficient and flexible solution is ideal for remote locations and allows easy uploading and transfer of data.

LAN: The network module inside the Digipostpro only supports 10BaseT networking (10Mb/s). Please ensure your network switch/hub supports this.

Note: An extended 2nd and 3rd year warranty is available.  This product requires a Visionfta analysis contract. Please call 03717 11 22 22 for more information.

Slot for drivers to simply 'post' their driver card data and built in EU drivers' hours law rules provide details on infringements. Data will be stored and sent automatically if there is problem with the network. Additional keyring-mountable Digivu allows for download and transfer of vehicle unit data to the postbox. All data is sent to FTA for analysis via LAN (local area network).

Unit Dimensions:
H:120mm, W:210mm, D:40mm

What’s in the Box?

  • Digipostpro LAN
  • Digivu
  • Network Cable
  • Power Lead with EU Adaptor
  • Rawl Plugs to mount the unit
Also available for GPRS (Product Code 5853)

Why do I need a digipostpro?
The digipostpro dispenses with the need for a PC at a site where the equipment is vulnerable or little IT infrastructure exists.  It also makes Driver Card reading available in a convenient place 24 hours a day.  In addition data from the unit is passed straight to the FTA servers for analysis.   The rugged nature of the unit ensures it is not susceptible to damage in the same way that a PC and Card Reader are.  In summary; low running cost, ease of use and full integration with the FTA.    Not suitable for outside use.

Can digipostpro LAN plug straight onto my network?
Digipostpro uses DHCP by default so will automatically pick up network settings and its required access to the Internet (digipostpro must be able to access the FTA server).  You can configure a static IP address if required.   Digipostpro also has built in support for proxy server.

How does digipostpro deal with VU files?
The digipostpro is supplied with a digivu download key for downloading vehicle VU files at the same site.  When the digivu is inserted into the digipostpro it automatically uploads VU files straight to FTA servers.

What happens if my digipostpro loses connection to the FTA servers?
Should for any reason your digipostpro lose connectivity it will continue to accept Driver Cards and will automatically upload the files once connection is re-established.

Does the digipostpro provide me any additional information?
The digipostpro allows a driver to check for summary data on his driver card together with the existence of any Driver Infringements.  In addition with the use of a Company card it is possible for a manager to review files that have passed via the digipostpro.

Can I purchase a replacement Digipostpro Power Lead?
Yes, a power lead can be purchased separately for £20+VAT.  Please call to order on 03717 11 11 11 quoting code 5814.

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