BriteAngle LED Emergency Warning Triangle

BriteAngle LED Emergency Warning Triangle

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BriteAngle LED warning triangle will keep drivers seen and safe in the event of an unplanned stoppage, day and night, rain or shine. Supplied in a case which doubles up as support during operation. The LED’s will illuminate automatically when the triangle is unfolded. 


  • Flashing high-intensity LEDs
  • 300m visibility, day and night, rain or shine
  • Steady and stable in winds of up to 45mph
  • Unique suction cup and bracket to attach to back of a stationary vehicle
  • Easily collapsible and storable
  • Ease of use
  • Compact design and durability
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • CE compliant
Non LED warning triangles are 100% dependent on an exterior light source to illuminate them to making them effective, however if the oncoming light source is not direct on the triangle the triangle will not reflect. This is also the case during the hours of daylight when any triangle often simply blends into the background.

The BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle with its bright LED lights will always be seen, even during the hours of daylight. The LED lights enables the BriteAngle to be seen from 300 yards away so all approaching drivers will have plenty of advance warning of the potential hazard.

BriteAngle Vehicle Stops

One Year Manufacturers Warranty

Is it compulsory to carry a warning triangle in your car in the UK?
In the UK, it is recommended that drivers carry a warning triangle. Road Safety Designs’ research has shown that only 17% of UK drivers carry a warning triangle of any kind in their cars. This is why we have developed a much more effective product to encourage greater usage.

How about on the continent?
Many European countries have made it a legal requirement. BriteAngle is already selling in Germany, France and Italy, and there is interest in the UAE, USA, Scandinavia and the Republic of Ireland.

What does the Highway Code recommend?

The Highway Code advises drivers to place warning triangles at least 45m behind their vehicle, but this is mitigated by BriteAngle’s high intensity flashing lights, allowing the product to be placed directly behind the vehicle. The Highway Code also states that no warning triangles should be used on motorways in the UK, but this does not apply elsewhere, and it is a requirement in several countries.

How can I trust it does what it says it should?
BriteAngle has been reviewed & featured by several third party bodies, including
The Caravan and Motorhome Club
The Ferrari Owners Club Great Britain
The product is recognised by the following organisations:
Warning Triangle

I have a reflective warning triangle which does the job effectively, why do I need another one?
BriteAngle uses dynamic LED lights, increasing the effective distance and time to be seen, helping to avoid a potential accident. Even in daylight, stationary vehicles can be hard to detect, so using a high visibility LED warning triangle dramatically improves your chances of being seen – greatly reducing the risk to you, your passengers, and other road users.

Why should I pay a lot more for BriteAngle than I would for similar products on the market?
What price peace of mind? BriteAngle is a quality product, robust, stable and CE marked. It means it will not be easily dislodged in poor weather conditions and winds of up to 45mph. It is a 47cm compact foldable design, assembled in seconds, and designed to be placed directly behind your vehicle – avoiding an anxious walk in challenging conditions. BriteAngle is far superior to anything else on the market.

Won’t it distract fellow motorists?
It is designed to be highly visible, but not distracting, and can be set at flashing or constant.

I drive a motorhome, what good is it for me?
It’s assembled in seconds and supplied with a unique bracket and suction cup for easy attachment to your caravan, motorhome or vehicle.

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