Fit2Go TPMS for Vans & Cars

Fit2Go TPMS for Vans & Cars

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Safely monitor your car or vans tyre pressure and temperature with the Fit2Go tyre pressure monitoring system.

The solar powered receiver will indicate if there is a change in tyre temperature or pressure by alerting the driver with the flashing alarm icons and by making an audible bleeping sound. The sensors on the tyre will flash on and off so the driver can distinguish which tyre needs attention.

Quick and easy to fit Monitors tyre pressure & temperature
Auto calibration Accelerometer technology to conserve battery life
Solar powered receiver Automatically pairing sensors

Use the Fit2Go Pressure Checker with the TPMS and check your tyre pressure by simply placing the Pressure Checker within one inch of the tyre sensor.

The Fit2Go tyre pressure monitoring system includes a solar powered receiver so there is no need for any cables and four LED tyre sensors. Additional sensors can be purchased for trailers, caravans, twin wheeled vehicles (up to 8 sensors can be used with the receiver).

The receiver which is placed in the vehicles windscreen, clearly displays three alarm icons. Tyre pressure, tyre temperature and an indicator for the TPMS sensor battery. These icons will flash should there be a problem and the receiver will also make an audible bleeping sound. The sensors contain 2 LEDs which flash on and off if there is an alert. The sensors are self-calibrating, ultra-small and automatically pair with the receiver making them very simple and easy to fit. There is also a small power light which flashes every 60 seconds during the journey. 

Fit2Go Sensors

The Fit2Go Sensors are small in design, easy to fit and have some great features.

  1. Accelerometer - The accelerometer allows the sensor to sleep when stationary, then wake up once the vehicle starts moving. This aids in battery saving for the system.
  2. Tyre Pressure Auto Calibration – The receiver will automatically know the pressure of the tyre when the sensor is first fitted.
  3. Flashing LED – The sensors contain two LEDs which flash on and off to indicate which sensor is causing the alarm on the receiver. 

Simple Installation

The most important part of the fitting process is to ensure that all tyres whilst cold are at the correct recommended tyre pressure.  Fit2Go sensors are simple to fit; remove the dust cap, screw on the anti-theft lock nut and screw on the sensor. The two LEDs in the sensor flash red 5 times to confirm the sensor is fitted correctly.

Hold down the button on the back of the receiver until the icons flash and there is a bleep. Remove the adhesive backing, then simply place the receiver onto the windscreen aligning the icons towards the driver. The receiver can be fitted to the upper/lower side of the windscreen, where the tax disc used to be, in the centre or the driver side. Being careful not to obstruct the drivers vision or being in the vehicle wiper sweep area.

Caravans & Trailers

If you have a caravan or trailer and want to use the tyre pressure monitoring system then all you need is the additional sensors. Additional/replacement sensors can be purchased in packs of two. Please see product code 7134 - Fit2Go TPMS - 2 Sensor Kit

What’s in the box?
Fit2Go Solar Powered Receiver
4 x Fit2Go TPMS Sensors
4x Anti-Theft Lock nuts
1x Lock nut spanner

The sensors have a non-replaceable battery feature. How long will the sensors last before they need replacing?
Sensors are not mileage related but time related. The sensors have a lifetime of up to 3 years depending on usage and application

Can the receiver and sensors be moved from one vehicle to another?
Yes, you will just need a spare adhesive for the receiver. Please call to order 03717 11 11 11

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