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Portable EU drivers’ hours analysis combined with driver card and tachograph download.

With all the great features of the original Digifobpro but now updated with all of the latest technology. The Digifobpro features a robust removable rubber casing, a large full colour display, simple navigation control and a rechargeable battery. The complete VU and driver card solution for digital tachograph data.

Note: Visionfta Software is only provided with analysis contracts, please check compatibility if not using the equipment with FTA Software. Call 03717 11 22 22 for more information

The Digifobpro is compatible with FTA tachograph analysis. But the data is not auto uploaded the files created will need to be manually uploaded to Visionfta through the Vision Import page.

Apple Macs - digiconnect, the software used to configure the device, is not available for IOS

New Features

  • Full colour backlit display
  • Real time clock
  • More buttons for simpler navigation
  • Direct USB connection including charging
  • Detailed graphical reporting, now with driver and vehicle activity traces, speed trace
  • Faster processing
  • Increased storage memory - download over 3000 vehicles with the Digifobpro and over 9000 driver cards
  • Bluetooth™ connectivity for Android¹
  • Real-time DDS (Driver Decision Support) or Counter Display
  • Slick and robust in a removable rubber bumper
Driver Card Analysis
  • Last activity, next daily rest, latest shift, latest daily rest, week summary
  • Infringements
  • Time overlaps
  • Vehicles used
  • Raw activity data
Vehicle Unit Analysis
  • Overspeeds
  • Power interruptions
  • Driving without card
  • VU Faults
  • Sensor Faults
  • Raw activity data
  • Card insertion and withdrawal
  • Special conditions, places and calibration data
  • Last download and company locks
  • Storage
  • Speed graphs
  • Real time DDS display
The Digifobpro offers instant access to digital tachograph card and vehicle data. It provides a simple way to read driver card data and check your drivers' compliance against EU drivers' hours law and also allows users to selectively download data from a vehicles' digital tachograph, saving time otherwise wasted on unnecessary full vehicle downloads.

The pocket-size digital download device is compatible with all driver cards and vehicle units and provides clear icon and textual prompts together with graphical reports, including speed traces, faults and power failures.

The Digifobpro is provided with Digiconnect software which allows you to transfer data from the device to your PC for archiving of data files. This will not analyse the information so you would require a separate analysis contract or software. Vehicle and driver card data can be transferred easily to other Tachograph analysis products such as the FTA's Visionfta software.

This product provides the most comprehensive range of download function on the market and will also give you an instant snapshot of EU compliance information.

The unit’s internal memory is split 1GB for tachograph files and 3GB for user configurable storage.

Stand Alone Digital Solution
The Digifobpro is ideal for those needing to download, view and store digital driver card activity. When inserting the driver card you can instantly access digital tachograph card and vehicle data on screen.  If an infringement is indicated you can see when, where and how the infringement occurred. The data can be transferred to your PC for archiving. Archived files, stored on the PC, are only readable by additional software. Vehicle and driver card data can be transferred easily to other tachograph analysis products such as FTA's Visionfta software.

  • 3GB Internal flash memory
  • 1GB flash memory reserved and protected for Tachograph files  
  • Direct vehicle connection cable
  • Direct PC connection cable via USB
  • Rechargeable (LiPo batteries)
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Graphical colour display (W: 45mm X H: 60mm)
  • Automatic card reading
  • Six button control
  • Auto power down
  • Robust plastic casing in a removable rubber bumper
  • Dimensions: H: 115mm, W: 75mm, D: 20mm
  • digiconnect, Windows™ based configuration
What’s in the box?
  • New Digifobpro
  • USB Cable
  • 6pin Tachograph Download Cable
¹Tachosys will release Android applications for this mode in the future but there are no off the shelf applications at the time of press. Check www.tachosys.com for future releases.

What is the difference between the original digifobpro and the new 2016 digifobpro?
The new updated digifobpro comes with a full colour display, real time clock, more buttons for easier navigation, increased storage memory and direct USB connection including charging. The new digifobpro will save you time as it has faster processing and now comes with Bluetooth connectivity for Android. For more details please view the Comparison Table.  

Digifobpro has a large full colour display, what benefits does this offer?
Digifobpro is an all in one device for downloading both driver cards and VU data.  In the case of driver cards the screen displays, comprehensive analysis including driver infringements.  For the VU you can pull up faults and events and overspeeds.  Speed can also be shown as a speed trace diagram on screen.  The unit also indicates progress when downloading.

How do I get files from my digifobpro to my PC?
The digifobpro comes with its own USB cable for the PC and the digiconnect software and user guide are contained on the device. Files will be automatically uploaded to the PC as soon as the digifobpro is connected.

In which format does digifobpro save files?
Within the supplied PC software you can decide which file format you prefer from; ddd, v1b, c1b and tgd.  All files from the digifobpro contain the legally required signatures.

How configurable is the digifobpro?
The supplied digiconnect software allows you to define exact download requirements for each type of VU data; Calibration, Events, Speed, Detailed Speed and Faults.  You can limit the number of days downloaded or let digifobpro manage this for you.

Is digifobpro compatible with Visionfta Software?
The digifobpro is compatible with Visionfta software. To upload the data to Visionfta software the files need to be manually uploaded to Visionfta through the Vision Import page for analysis. For further help please contact our tech team on 01892 552345

How many vehicles and driver cards can I download with the digifobpro?
You can download over 3000 vehicles with the digifobpro and over 9000 driver cards before needing to archive files to the PC.  Digifobpro also manages its files so that archived files are automatically overwritten by the latest file.

Where can I access the User Guide for the Digifobpro?
The User Guide is contained on the device and can be accessed like a flash drive. You can also download a PDF version here – Digifobpro User Manual

What if digifobpro requires a software update?
From time to time if VU specifications change or Drivers Hours rules change it may be necessary to issue new firmware.  Firmware updates are published at www.tachosys.com and can be easily loaded via the supplied configuration software, digiconnect.   Operating system changes may also require that digiconnect be updated. These upgrades will be published on the same website.

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