Torque Tag Label

Torque Tag Label

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It is vital that following a wheel fitting, the wheel nuts are re-checked for tightness after the vehicle has stood for a period of 30 minutes, whether the vehicle has moved or not, or after 40-80 kilometres (25-50 miles) using a calibrated torque wrench set to the manufacturer’s specified torque value* as laid down in BSAU 50: part 2: section 7a:1995

It is recommended that a documented means of ensuring that wheel nuts are always subject to an initial torque and re-torque is in place and these records are kept to form part of the vehicles maintenance history

*Please see our Wheel Security Guide, code 4087 which contains full details on the recommended procedure for re-torquing and the completion of torque tags

Dimensions: 148mm x 105mm (Width x Height)

Attached String: 21mm Length

Reverse: The reverse of the card includes instructions for the party carrying out wheel fitment, e.g tyre contractor/workshop technician and instructions for the driver.

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