OBD Port Protector - Combi Lock

OBD Port Protector - Combi Lock

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Thieves have discovered a new way to steal your vehicle by overriding the manufacturer’s immobilisation system by connecting a Laptop / PDA / EDI Key into the OBD Socket and programming a new key into the ECU (Engine Control Unit)

This can be prevented by fitting an OBD Port Protector to your vehicle. The combi lock OBD Port Protector offers convenience over key operated OBD Port Protector as there are no keys that can be lost

Only Suitable for Ford Vans

Please call for a quote or to order 03717 11 11 11 – quoting vehicle make, model and registration number

Thieves start by decoding the manufacturer’s door lock which unlocks all of the doors, disables the alarm and gives them the key combination for your vehicle enabling them to get a key cut with a new chip. Once the key is cut they return to the van, unlock the doors with the new key and then connect their Laptop / PDA into the OBD /ECU connection where they can program in the new key, start the vehicle and drive it away – all without causing any damage.

How does it work?

The OBD / ECU Port Protector encompasses the OBD Port Plug in a secure box.  The OBD Port Protector Combi Lock is opened using a dial wheel combination ‘pin’ code decided and set by the customer. No wires are cut so there is no effect on Warranty. If requested the code can be included on the Secure My Code system, meaningthat should the combination code be lost, the owner can request the key code for areplacement. This keyless version is preferred by customers concerned about key management.


  • Preferred by customers who do not want an extra key
  • Can be recorded as per the customer’s requirement
Vehicle Compatibility
Only Suitable for Ford Vans

Installation instructions and combination coding and recoding instructions are included

Can I register my combination code?
Yes, you can register your combination code with Secure My Code, please contact 0330 160 6706 for more information.

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