RimRite for Scania

RimRite for Scania

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RimRite® wheel alignment kit is a set of tools designed to help fit Scania wheels with the correct alignment to the axle. The kit also includes tools for monitoring Scania wheel stud thread quality, a tool for monitoring wheel stud hole damage and elongation and a tool for establishing the correct nut type for the wheel

A wheel fitted to a vehicle without being centred correctly can suffer from wheel wobble, shudder and vibration. As well as posing a significant safety issue to the vehicle it is also attributed to over-wear on tyres and fatigue on the suspension. The RimRite® prevents excess vibration to the wheel and reduces wear on tyres and suspension. It helps to reduce the risk of wheel nuts loosening and are re-useable and therefore cost effective. It precisely centres the wheel on the knave, stopping excess vibration.

Available exclusively for Scania wheels, once the RimRite kit has been used, wheel nuts can be correctly torqued reducing the risks associated with wheel nut loosening.

The kit consists of three re-usable precision-machined steel bushes supplied in a padded plastic storage box. To use, simply screw each of the bushes over three wheel studs in a triangular pattern until the spigot of the bush enters the gap between the stud and the hole in the rim. Please refer to the User Instructions

Sizes: (SHET) in 21, 24, 26, 31, 32 and 33mm and Scania standard Checkthread

Material: High quality premium stainless steel (RimRite aligners), glass filled nylon (SHET/Conical/Spherical tester)

What’s included in the kit?

  • 3 re-usable precision-machined steel bushes
  • Scania standard Checkthread
  • SHET (stud hole elongation tester) identifies any elongation of wheelstud holes
  • Conical/Spherical tester determines the correct nut type to be used with a wheel

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