Tyre Pilot STP1800 Bluetooth TPMS - Trucks

Tyre Pilot STP1800 Bluetooth TPMS - Trucks

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Tyre Pilot from Snooper, a simple to install, incredibly accurate, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Tyre Pilot STP1800 is a Bluetooth interface tyre pressure monitoring device compatible with your Truckmate Pro S6810 Truck Sat Nav.

Snooper’s Tyre Pilot has been designed following months of research and consultation with industry experts. Tyre Pilot STP1800 is designed for heavy duty vehicles including coaches, buses, HGV and All-Terrain Vehicles

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Display the pressure and temperature of your vehicle’s tyres on the screen of your Truckmate Sat Nav. With the added benefit of audible alerts when pressure drops and abnormal temperature increases.

Simple to install, using the Bluetooth Tyre Pilot STP1800, attach a Tyre Pilot sensor to each of your vehicle tyre valves, install the Bluetooth sender within your vehicle and press the Tyre Pilot icon on screen. Link each of your wheels to the appropriate display icon and you’re ready to go. Once installed, Tyre Pilot will display tyre pressures in real-time, constantly checking pressures and temperatures, alerting you should they rise or fall below specific parameters

Economic and Safety Benefits

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are becoming very popular with fleet managers and owner drivers due to the economic and safety benefits they provide. Knowing the pressure of your vehicle’s tyres will save money and reduce the chances of a blow-out or puncture

Save Money and the Environment with Tyre Pilot

Over recent years the cost of fuel has risen dramatically and impacts on an operator’s ability to compete and drives down margins. By ensuring your vehicles tyres are fully inflated, Tyre Pilot can reduce your fuel bill by as much as 10%, saving you money whilst reducing your impact on the environment

Improving Tyre Life and Wear
Tyre Pilot will quickly prove invaluable to any driver or fleet manager. Use Tyre Pilot to monitor and check that your vehicles tyres are correctly inflated, naturally extending their lifespan. Correctly inflated tyres can increase the life of your tyre tread by as much as 35%, saving you money and time with fewer visits to your local tyre centre

Increased Road Safety
Tyres are the most common form of vehicle fault directly contributing to an accident. Correctly inflated tyres will provide greater stability, better handling and consistent braking for drivers, significantly improving safety. Tyres that are under-inflated are increasingly prone to skidding under braking and in wet conditions hydroplane more easily. Keep your tyre pressures monitored with Tyre Pilot and reduce the potential for accidents

188 PSI Monitoring
Depending on the type of vehicle driven, Tyre Pilot STP1800 can monitor tyre pressure up to 188 PSI / 13 Bar. STP1800 is for heavy duty vehicles including coaches, buses, HGV and All-Terrain Vehicles

Hard Wearing

Tyre Pilot sensors are rigorously tested to ensure they work seamlessly in any weather conditions

Alert Patterns
Once your vehicle is in motion, Tyre Pilot sensors will send tyre pressure and temperature data to your device every 5 minutes. Keep a check on any pressure drops or increases in temperature for added safety

Temperature Display
As well as displaying the pressure of your vehicles tyres, Tyre Pilot can also display the temperature, alerting you quickly to any rises that can indicate potential tyre failure

Sensor Configuration
Tyre Pilot has been designed to monitor the following configurations:
Single vehicle up to 4 wheels
Single vehicle up to 4 wheels + spare wheel
Single vehicle up to 4 wheels + trailer up to 12 wheels
Single vehicle up to 10 wheels
Single vehicle up to 10 wheels + spare tyre
Single vehicle up to 10 wheels + trailer up to 12 wheels
Trailer up to 12 wheels

Additional Valve Sensors product code 7001, are available in pairs of two.

What's Included?
Bluetooth Transmitter
Installation Cables
6 Sensors - Additional sensors can be purchased
Hex Wrench x 1
Battery Replacement Tool

*Truckmate Pro S6810 Truck Sat Nav - Not Included

Can I move the sensors to another vehicle once they have been used?
Yes, you can move the sensors onto another vehicle even if they have been used

The display is only showing 3 out of 4 sensors?

The sensors are designed to ‘go to sleep’ after a period of inactivity to extend battery life.
After adding the first sensor onto the wheel, if you take a while doing the remaining sensors, by the time you’ve done the fourth one the first one has gone to sleep and so looks like it has stopped working. You can go back to the first one. Unscrew it, re-apply it and it re-appears. – putting the sensor back under pressure wakes it up. But by now the second on has gone into suspend mode, and so on. This is easily rectified by simply driving off. The rotation of the wheels activates the sensors so all four tyre pressures show in the display.

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