Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant - 20 litre

Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant - 20 litre

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Eco-friendly Air-Seal Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant provides a high level of tyre protection for a wide range of on-road vehicles with multi-axle construction. The Sealant will seal holes up to 15mm (5/8 inches) in diameter.  This product seals up to 95% of punctures, increases tyre life by up to 20% and reduces fuel costs by maintaining the correct tyre pressures.  Suitable for Trucks, Coaches, Buses, Minibuses, Vans and cars etc

A Tyre Sealant Installation Pump is required for application – please see code 6963

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The average tyre life for a fleet lorry is around 60,000 miles; by using the Heavy Duty Grade Tyre Sealant it is reasonable to expect an average of another 12,000 miles from a tyre.  When this fact is added to all the other advantages the additional cost per tyre to install the tyre sealant is very modest.

Tubed and tubeless tyres treated with Air-Seal sealants will produce a significant reduction in flat tyres and related down time.

• Seals holes up to 15mm (5/8 inches) in diameter
• Prevents up to 95% of all tread punctures in tubeless tyres and can be used in tubed tyres
• Increased tyre life by up to 20% - distributes heat build up, tyre runs cooler and lasts longer
• Promotes uniform tread wear
• Fuel saving by eliminating slow air leaks
• Stops most rim and bead leaks and slow punctures permanently
• No need for expensive roadside failures or out of hour call outs
• Avoids downtime waiting for tyre repair or replacements
• Protection for the life of the tyre

Technical Information
• Reduces CO2 Emissions
• Will not prevent conventional tyre repair or retreading
• Indefinite shelf-life and can be re-used
• Non-Hazardous
• Easy to Install and is not a gum based product
• Can be used on tyre pressures from 2.5psi upwards
• Freezing point -35°C
• Can easily be removed with water using normal tap pressure

How it Works
As the tyre rotates, the product spreads evenly over the inside surface. The moment a penetration occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers suspended either in ethylene or propylene glycol to interlock which plugs the hole in the tread area preventing any further air loss within one or two revolutions of the wheel. This action is so rapid that the driver may not know a puncture has happened. Later, when the tyre is inspected, if the cause is still present it can be removed. When removed, the vehicle must be driven immediately to enable the sealant to re-seal.

Care must be taken during installation, preferably wearing safety glasses, to avoid the possibility of the product being splashed into the eyes.

How will I benefit if I install the sealant?
The Sealant can stop up to 95% of punctures in the tread area from the usual causes. Slow air leaks are eliminated which means longer tyre life and lower fuel consumption.

Most blowouts are caused by excessive heat build up in the tyre almost always caused by under inflation. Slow air leaks increase this risk but are prevented if the tyre sealant is used.

Equally important is the fact that this tyre sealant is homogeneous and will not separate at any speed or when the vehicle is stationary.

Will conventional tyre repair procedures be prevented?
No. If the tyre is damaged beyond the ability of the sealant to plug the hole, the tyre can be 'patched' or 'booted'. The tyre repairer simply needs to wipe the area around the hole clean and then wipe it with a water soaked rag. The tyre can then be repaired using normal methods. It is not necessary to remove the remaining sealant but if there has been a significant loss, it should be replaced either from a 20 Litre pail or a 950ml bottle. Care is necessary to avoid the contamination of the sealant during the repair.

Are these sealants effective in both tubeless and tubed tyres?
Yes in both types. It is up to 95% effective in tubeless and 75% in tubed tyres.

Can Air-Seal sealants be used to repair a punctured tyre?
Yes. It is possible but their main purpose is to stop punctures. Not every puncture can be prevented but before treating the tyre it will be necessary to have a foot pump or a source of compressed air available to re-inflate the tyre to its correct pressure. When installation is completed, the wheel must be rotated immediately by driving the vehicle a short distance to allow the plug to be formed to seal the hole.

Is it necessary to fully deflate the tyre before installing the sealant?
No. The 20 Litre pails use specially designed pumps which can install the product in partially inflated tyres. However with bottle applications deflating the tyre is necessary.

Is an Air Seal sealant plug permanent?
Yes. A permanent repair is achieved by the interlocking fibres and fillers creating a flexible plug in the tyre wound.

How long will Air-Seal sealants last?
For the legal life of the tyre and beyond. These sealants will not react with the rubber and other constituent materials in the tyre. Most importantly, the components of the sealant will not separate in use. The sealant range carries no expiration date either so in larger applications, can be re-used.

How are these sealants installed?
The installation of our range of tyre sealants can be completed in 3 easy steps:

1.Remove valve core and deflate tyre (if necessary) to around 40 psi.

2.Attach installation pump and open the hose end valve.

3.Pump in required dosage amount based on the tyre size, re-install the core of the valve and re-inflate the tyre to the manufacturer's specifications.

Please note: For bottle applications you will need to deflate the tyre completely.

Is the amount of Air-Seal tyre sealant installed in the tyre important?
Yes. It is most important that the recommendation quantities are installed in the tyre to be treated. The recommended application rates will ensure the maximum benefit and give protection for the legal life of the tyre.

When I get a puncture, should I let the vehicle stand while the plug cures?
No. In fact the tyre should be used at once. The more the vehicle is used, the better the plug will be. If you remove a puncturing object, we recommend that you immediately use the vehicle. Rotation of the tyres is important in the sealing process. The plug is mechanically formed; it is not a chemical reaction. The plug is formed within seconds and the puncture is sealed with almost no air loss. With Air-Seal tyre sealant you may not even know you have had a puncture.

Do Air-Seal sealants have a shelf life?
These sealants have an indefinite life span. After installing the product, if any remains it is recommended that the lid of the pail is replaced to avoid the possibility that some 'skinning' may form. Should this happen, it will easily be stirred in ready for the next installation.

How many truck tyres will one 20 litre pail treat?
One 20 litre pail will treat the following amount of truck tyres:

11x 385/65R22.5 (super singles) or 12x 315/80R22.5 or 13x 295/80R22.5 or of course a mixture of these sizes.

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