AutoSock for Vans and Cars

AutoSock for Vans and Cars

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AutoSock are textile 'socks' which you slip over the driving wheels on Vans and Cars. They are reusable time and again and take up minimal space in the vehicle.

Please check tyre size carefully before ordering.

Prices start from £45+VAT – price varies depending on the size you need to order. Please contact us on 03717 11 11 11 for more details.

They use specially developed fabrics to maximise the dry friction grip, and they always work, even in wet snow.  They're quick and easy to fit and remove, before or after a vehicle gets stuck. No special training is required.


  • Fitting them is easy. With an elasticated edge; you just slip them over the driving wheels when you find yourself getting stuck.
  • Fitting them requires no practice.
  • They weigh less than 1kg and take up minimal space. It's sensible to keep them with the spare wheel, always ready for use.
  • They are relatively universal, i.e. one size fits over 60% of cars.
  • They’re reusable again and again - providing value for money for years to come.
  • They work!

Each set contains one pair of AutoSock.

When placing your order please quote your tyre Width Size, Tyre Wall Profile and Rim size e.g 155/65-R14 – you can find the details on your vehicles tyre.

Now suitable for use on passenger carrying vehicles

Also available are AutoSock for Trucks, Medium code 6831 and Large code 6832

When should you use them?
AutoSock provide an ideal "Get me Home" or "Get me to that meeting" solution. They work well in wet snow conditions and are therefore particularly appropriate for the UK where snowfall is sporadic and few people use winter tyres. Even 4 x 4s usually have wide tyres which are wholly unsuited to winter driving. The good news is that AutoSock have been shown by the TÜV to be more effective than winter tyres, with the further benefit that you only fit them when you need them.

How do they work?
Snow and ice sticks to fabric, which is why many people still put woolly socks over their shoes when walking on ice or snow. AutoSock's specially developed textile "wicks away" any water that's found between the ground and the tyre, (generated e.g. by the warmth of the sun, or wheel spin), improving the dry friction grip. The textile also has an unusual weave that maximises the friction contact with the ground.

How well do they work?
AutoSock were launched in Norway in 2002 after a long period of testing, evaluation and improvement. Sales have grown exponentially, with almost two million pairs sold so far, worldwide, mostly on recommendation. When you've had the opportunity to test them for real you'll soon realise why. Most people are not only surprised but astonished at the difference they make to general traction, cornering, and braking.

When should AutoSock be fitted and removed?
There are no rules about this. Some people use AutoSock because they are anxious about driving in snow and want to be sure that their vehicle will stay on the road. Others need to use AutoSock to drive safely, especially driving down steep hills. Others fit them after they have got stuck. Others use them to drive uphill, maybe even just from the main road up to their house. Use them on any sort of snow - even in soft, deep snow, or in wet snow. And use them on ice.

What size do I need?
You need to check the size of your tyres. Assume that you see 155/65-R14 marked on your tyres. The 155 will be your tyre width size. Then on your tyre you need to find your tyre wall profile and rim size, e.g. 65-R14 so the size you need is 155/65-R14

Please take your tyre size from your actual car tyre, not from the vehicle handbook! Once you have the size you need contact the shop and we can place your order – 03717 11 11 11

Can AutoSock be used on tarmac?
In summary, yes, and for safety reasons you will need to use them on tarmac – it is obvious that you should not and must not just stop in the middle of a road, just because you have moved off the snow and onto tarmac. The reality is that there are almost always stretches of intermittent tarmac / snow / tarmac / snow before the snow is behind you.

The TÜV test included 50 kilometres at 50 kph on dry tarmac. AutoSock passed this "Misuse test", but of course tarmac driving is not recommended as it increases fabric wear very considerably. It s also crucial that you do not drive faster on tarmac than you would on snow, a maximum 30mph, preferably slower than this.

What causes AutoSock to wear fastest of all is rough, potholed tarmac, or roads with tyre ruts / tramlines that have frozen solid. This compressed frozen snow or ice can be very sharp, and is often hidden under fresh snow.

If you do drive on tarmac, be very careful with your braking, so please adjust your speed accordingly. A large hole worn in one section only of an AutoSock is conclusive evidence of hard braking on tarmac.

AutoSock are approved by many car manufacturers, including BMW Group, Citroën, Fiat Group, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Peugeot PSA, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and VW Group

How do AutoSock's fit on?
They simply fit over the tyre and are just needed on the drive wheels. 

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