Hi Vu Self-Adhesive PVC Fresnel Lens

Hi Vu Self-Adhesive PVC Fresnel Lens

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Hi Vu is a low profile, self-adhesive, multi-vehicle use, anti-blind spot fresnel lens that is made in PVC material.

Hi Vu has the advantage of being the only fresnel lens that comes with an easy ‘Peel-Back’ adhesive surround to press-fit to the inside of a vehicle’s window glass so you get a bubble-free fix. It is a super thin flexible, ‘water clear’ PVC material and its strong adhesive surround ensures that the lens will not get easily peeled off when it passes through the door’s rubber weather seal.

Hi Vu is a neater, much smaller, ‘low profile’ lens (21cm x 12cm) that takes up little space within the window and therefore does not obstruct the driver’s main viewing area.

cm) that takes little space within the window and therefore does not obstruct the driver’s main viewing area.

A premium model Hi Vu Acrylic material is also available - code 5274

Various Vehicle Type Window Fitting Positions

  • Fit it horizontally to cover the nearside downward blind-spots on trucks & RVs to enable the driver to see pedestrians, cyclists, motor-bikes and cars.
  • Fit it vertically to vans or SUVs on the nearside passenger window to see what’s hidden behind and outwards from the vehicle’s side panelling. Ideal for making difficult lane change manoeuvres or blind angle reversing.
  • Fit it horizontally in rear windows of Vans, SUVs or Hatchbacks as a reversing aid, to counter close proximity low-to-ground blind spot hazards, such as small children.
  • Fit it simply by peeling back the self-adhesive cover surrounding the clear border of the lens and press it to the clean window glass for an instantly firm, water-free, bubble-free fix. (See Full Fitting Notes - also included inside pack).


  • Multi-Vehicle Use - Trucks, Vans, Bus, Coach, RVs (Recreational Vehicle), SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) and Hatch-Backs.
  • Low Profile, Smallest Footprint Lens, No Window Obscurity
  • The Only ‘Peel Back’ Self-Adhesive Fresnel Lens available
  • Multi-Positional Lens Fits All Vehicle Types (LHD & RHD)
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • Strong Adhesive surround ensures the lens will not easily peel off when passing through the doors rubber weather seal

What is the difference between the Hi Vu Fresnel Lens and the Hi Vu Acrylic Fresnel Lens?
The Hi Vu (whether the PVC model or the Acrylic model) can be used on all vehicle types, including Truck, Van, Bus, Coach, RV (Recreational Vehicle), SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), Hatchback, etc. The one lens caters for all vehicle blind spot purposes by using it either horizontally or vertically. The Acrylic model is slightly brighter and is rigid. It is then only a matter of choosing to use the lens material you prefer, - PVC model or the Acrylic model.

Why do I need another device to help me see when I’m in the cab? I already have all the legally required mirrors fitted.
Many transport research laboratories around the world have published reports on heavy goods trucks, vans, RVs and SUV blind spot modelling. These comprehensive, scientifically conducted reports conclude that even the latest vehicles with a full complement of mirrors still have blind spots to the passenger side, and this professional laboratory testing has proven that the most effective solution to combat these mirror blind spots is the use of a Fresnel lens.

When should I look into the lens?
We strongly recommend that the driver learns to over-ride his natural tendencies to concentrate on the new lens and instead only use it as an, 'at a glance' driver aid. Typically, the only time such a glance is required is when at a junction, entering or leaving a roundabout, changing position into a nearside lane, etc. Should a cyclist, pedestrian or other vulnerable road user pass into or through the lower part of the lens (even when opaque looking), the driver will definitely be able to see them and be aware of their position, (particularly in the mirror blind spot area).

Can I use the lens at night?
The properties of the lens do not change at night so it will allow the driver to see other road users who are lit. Additionally, because the driver is unaffected by sunlight during the hours of darkness, he will see moving vehicle lights very clearly as well as being able to detect any object revealed in ambient light.

How can I stop the lens peeling off the window?
Unlike the Hi Vu lens, this was often a problem that happened with older model Fresnel lenses that did not come complete with a ‘peel-back’ adhesive strip surround. Make sure you fit a Hi Vu (adhesive) lens so that you can rest assured that even vehicles with an especially tight weather seal will not displace the lens whenever the window is lowered or raised.

Which is the best position on the passenger window glass to fit the lens?
It is completely the driver’s choice, whether higher, lower, forward or backwards, just so long as the mirrors are not obscured by the lens. During their tests transport research laboratories found the rearmost position at the bottom of the window proved to be the most effective position for the lens. Alternatively, experts CESVIMAP Spain preferred the bottom, centre part of the window. The advantage of the central, bottom ledge position is that a cyclist or pedestrian close to and slightly forward of the truck’s passenger door will be seen in the lens more easily.

Do I really need to leave the lens on the window for three days after fitting and before using the window?
No, that was the advice for older, water laminated non ‘peel-back’ adhesive lens models. With Hi Vu lenses the adhesive fixes the lens to the glass immediately so that it adheres securely to the inside of the passenger glass.

After fitting, I’ve noticed my lens is marked and I can’t see through it properly.
If the lens appears to be etched or marked, then there is a chance it has been damaged during the fitting process by using non-soft cloths to remove any air bubbles. Unfortunately, utilizing a smoothing object that is too hard against the soft PVC lens will damage the groove tops cut into the lens surface. If this happened you should not continue using that particular lens and a replacement will be needed. Ensure that you follow the lens grooves when pressing out any excess air with a soft cloth.

Is there a problem with the lens becoming detached when opening or closing the window?
Hi Vu is a neater, much smaller, ’low profile’ lens that does not obstruct the driver’s view and it has the advantage of being the only Fresnel lens that comes with an easy, ‘Peel-Back’ adhesive for press fitting to glass. Additionally, it has been designed to reduce light glare, which is a common driver complaint concerning other Fresnel lenses.

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