20Amp Battery Charger – SCI90

20Amp Battery Charger – SCI90

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A Powerful 20Amp output microprocessor controlled smart charger, suitable for cars, vans & on batteries up to 300 a/hr. A digital display and a 100Amp engine start function, makes this a unit ideal for every workshop.

SpeedCharge™ Technology maximizes charge input, self adjusting, variable charge rates, ensures shortest possible charge times while minimising the risk of gassing and damage to batteries.

Keeping vehicle batteries fully charged is the key to ensuring reliability. A fully charged battery will not only save you time but money as well, undercharging and poor maintenance is responsible for over 80% of premature battery failures.  A well maintained and regularly charged battery could last up to 5 years in service.


  • Fully Automatic
  • Fast, Medium and Maintenance Charging Programmes
  • Large Clear Display, Shows Battery Voltage & Charge percentage
  • SpeedCharge™ Software Charges Batteries up to 3 times faster than an ordinary charger
  • Dedicated Desulfation Mode
  • Auto select 6v or 12v output
  • AGM,GEL,Calcium/Calcium, Charging Programmes
  • 100Amp 12v Boost Start Facility
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Can be left connected indefinitely, automatic maintenance mode
  • Ideal for use on batteries from 12a/hr – 300a/hr
  • Fan Cooled for maximum reliability

When the battery is fully charged the charger will maintain the battery for extended periods. Great for the occasional charging and maintenance of large batteries.

Note: It is ALWAYS better to charge the batteries individually rather than as a pair.

Why the recommendation to charge batteries individually rather than as 24v?
A 24v battery pack is usually made up of 2 12v batteries. Each battery will discharge at a different rate, meaning that they are always at different state of charge. This means that the charge requirements of each battery is different. When they are charged together as 24v neither battery will be properly charged (one will be under charged the other will be over charged) as they get older this difference will be greater, and one will start to affect the other, and shorten the working life of the pair. Charging them as 2 12v batteries will prevent this effect from shortening the life of the battery.

Why do you offer a 24v Charger if they are not recommended?
In the real world it is not always practical to use 2 chargers, and sometimes a ‘quick fix’ 24v charger is needed, however when possible we would always recommend charging the batteries individually.

How can charging a battery extend its working life?
When a battery is not fully charged, crystals grow on the un charged portion of the plates insulating the plate from the Electrolyte and reducing the capacity of the battery, this is called Sulfation. Keeping a battery fully charged will prevent the crystals forming and maintain the capacity of the battery, and extending its working life.

Why should I use a battery charger when the alternator recharges the battery?
Vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge a discharged battery, they are only designed to replace the charge used for starting and running the vehicle. If the battery is not at 100% charge to start with then the alternator can not maintain it fully charged. It is good practice to charge a vehicle battery every 3 months to ensure reliability and keep costs to a minimum.

Why is the Schumacher SpeedCharge™ system better than an ordinary ‘smart charger’?
Schumacher SpeedCharge™ Battery Charging Technology is a unique and patent pending process relating to how battery charging is monitored and controlled. SpeedCharge™ technology provides the fastest and safest charging for Standard, Calcium, AGM/Gel and even Deep Cycle battery types, the SpeedCharge™ software in the microprocessor monitors the charging process from initial connection through the charging process and into float-mode maintenance.

Why is SpeedCharge™ Battery Charging Important?
The SpeedCharge™ technology adds safety, speed and protection to battery charging. Schumacher Battery Chargers featuring SpeedCharge™ technology have protection against reverse connection avoiding damage to the vehicle electronics and the potential for arcing and sparking. These same units are Fully Automatic and will charge a battery with voltage as low as .1V and once charged will convert to float-mode monitoring to keep that battery fully charged.

The SpeedCharge™ technology is unlike any other, combining volts and amps in a multi-stage process charging a battery 3X faster than a traditional charger and at the same time increasing battery life. This technology also incorporates Temperature Compensation where charge level is based on temperature. The SpeedCharge™ patent pending process greatly increases battery life over both traditional chargers and competitive smart chargers. The technology utilizes “Thermal Runaway” a safety feature that prevents the battery voltage from climbing too quickly and the battery overheating. Unlike old fashioned methods using external sensors, the microprocessor offers real time monitoring of the battery during the charging process to ensure optimum charging and maximum protection.

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