FTA Drivers' Walk Around Check App for HGVs

FTA Drivers' Walk Around Check App for HGVs

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Member Price:  £24.00 ex vat
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FTA's electronic drivers' walk around check system specifically for HGV's stores a complete record of the drivers safety check including defect reporting and alerts and also allows for photographs of defects to be added and stored to the drivers' check sheet and viewed on the device and within the reporting.  It records if the vehicle is safe to drive or not.  Drivers safety checks are completed electronically by scanning QR codes placed around the vehicle.  This follows the DVSA guidelines using an electronic format 

Also available for Vans (see Code: 7569) and Buses and Coaches (see Code: 7572)

Additional costs apply - please see more info below on prices for subsequent years and QR codes

The walk around check app is now supported by a Workshop Management System. If the driver finds a defect, they can send it electronically to the operator who can then arrange repairs immediately with the workshop. See product code 7614, Workshop Management System for further details. 

How it works

Implementing and using FTA's Drivers' Walk Around Check system is as simple as scan, inspect, transmit and track.  Quick Reference (QR) bar codes are placed on the vehicle at key inspection points. These weather resistant label tags contain information about the:

  • Driver
  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle Inspection Point
  • Components to be inspected
  • Pre-defined list of defects and advisories
Driver identification
Using a mobile device such as a smart phone, iPhone or tablet (see FAQ's for compatible devices), the driver scans in a unique QR (quick reference) bar code identifying the driver carrying out the safety check

Vehicle identification

The driver then scans the QR code for the vehicle enabling the system to display the list of vehicle points to be checked on the vehicle.  The QR code label sets can be supplied to include any specialist vehicles or associated equipment safety checks

Daily mileage recording

Once the system recognises the vehicle, the driver is prompted to enter a mileage which is recorded at the start of each safety check.  The mileage is checked against the previous input and displays an alert if the mileage is less than previously recorded

User friendly system

The driver will then scan a unique QR code at each check point around the vehicle; the mobile device will read the QR code and display the appropriate checks to be completed at that inspection point

Timed Vehicle Check

The system will record the time taken to carry out the safety check and as each inspection point on the vehicle has a unique QR code this will give added assurance that the check has been completed thoroughly

Defect alerts in real-time

When defects are discovered, the driver selects the defect description from a pre-defined list and indicates whether or not the vehicle is safe to operate together with the noted defect and a free text field for additional comments

Any defects are reported immediately through to the responsible Supervisor or Manager via email

Safe and secure

When the inspection is complete the information is transmitted to the secure database and can be accessed 24/7 by an authorised user from any web browser

Complete history kept on file for the life of the vehicle including photographs of defects

A full history of each check, including photographs,  is kept on the vehicle record and selected workshops can be alerted automatically of the need for any repair.  Up to 7 day's worth of safety checks are kept for reference dependant on storage space available on the hand held device

Reduces errors and inefficiencies

FTA Drivers' Walk Around Check is an electronic version of the manual inspection process.  With an electronic method that is not only easy to use, but alleviates errors and inefficiencies associated with paper inspection.  It complies with DVSA safety and maintenance guide

QR Codes

The QR codes are supplied as vinyl stickers; they are waterproof and robust or metal. The costs for the QR codes per set are:

Vinyl QR Codes – Member price £10 / Non-Member price £12

Metal QR Codes – Member price £24 / Non-Member price £26

Quantity price breaks are available on the metal QR codes, please phone for more information 03717 11 11 11

To try this for yourself you can download the free App to your smart phone by searching FTA Drivers Walkaround Check then CLICK HERE to print off a set of QR Codes.  To use please follow the instructions below:

Click QR Code Login
Scan the Driver QR Code
Scan Vehicle/Asset QR Code
Enter current mileage and current fuel levels click continue
Click Driver seat from list and scan Drivers seat QR code
Complete checks and continue through list
When completed send report

Please send your feedback on the Demo Drivers' Walk Around Check App to sales@fta.co.uk

Demo reporting also available, please phone for details 03717 11 11 11

The cost of the first year is £24 Members /£28 Non-Members per vehicle, this does not include the set of QR codes. Please see above for QR code prices. Subsequent years will be charged at £24 Members /£28 Non-Members per vehicle per year.  Extra stickers and metal QR codes are available to purchase if necessary

Please see Frequently Asked Questions or phone FTA Shop on 03717 11 11 11 for more information

Do I need a smart phone to be able to use the Drivers Walk Around Check App?
Yes, any Apple device will work (ipad or iphone) if you plan to use an android device please refer to the question below.

I don't have an iphone/ipad/ipod, can I still use this application?
Yes you can use the application on some Android devices.  Please Click Here to check for a list of Google tested devices. The FTA and Truckfile can only provide guidance on Android devices as the number of devices on the market is vast it is recommended that you test the app on one android device before ordering a large quantity please bear in mind the device will need to have an autofocus camera within the specification.

How do I get the DWAC App?
Depending on your type of handheld device either to the the Apple istore or Android Store and search for FTA Drivers Walkaround Check.  It is free to install on your device.

Where do I get the QR Barcodes from?
Please ring 03717 11 11 11 and the Shop Team will be happy to help with your enquiry. If you would like to trial the app, you can print off a set of trial QR codes from the More Info tab.

How long does it take to complete the Drivers' Walk Around Check App?
It depends on the person carrying out the check and how many faults they find.

Does the App keep a record of completed inspections on the smart device?
Yes the App keeps up to 7 days worth of checks, this may vary dependent on the amount of free memory your device has.

Does the FTA DWAC store completed inspections?
Yes, the system will store completed inspections for a minimum of 2 years.

What happens if I sell my vehicle?
You will need to contact FTA Shop as soon as you have sold the vehicle.  You need to disassociate your company from the vehicle on the system.

What happens if I want to add a vehicle?
Please contact FTA Shop and we will arrange for additional vehicles to be added.

Will the system alert me to any defects found by the drivers?
Yes email notifications can be sent directly to the responsible line manger.

Will I need a FTA DWAC Account?
Yes, by having an account you will be able to view each individual vehicles checks and deal with the defects accordingly.

Can you record mileage/fuel and location?
Yes you can record mileage in KM or miles and record fuel levels.  If you are using a device with GPS then the location of the vehicle at the time of the check being completed will be recorded.

Can you do an end of day check?
Yes, if you scan your driver QR code and vehicle QR code you will see the option to view history,from there you can select end of day check.

Can you report defects on route?
Yes the system will store the information if you are outside Wifi or phone signal range and send once the connection is returned.

What if there is no phone or Wifi signal?
The device does not need a phone signal or a Wifi signal to complete the drivers check provided you have completed your first ever check within phone or Wifi range so the app can download the template.  The device only needs a connection thereafter to send the information to the database.  However if the signal is lost, all data is saved on the device until they are in range of a phone mast when they can open the app and press send.

What happens if the QR Code stickers become damaged?
Both the vinyl and metal QR codes are waterproof and robust, however if one did become damaged we can re-issue a replacement at a cost. Extra sets are available to purchase.

Can I run daily, weekly or monthly reports from the system?
Yes, instructions on how to do this can be found in the operators guide to getting started which will be issued once you have signed up to the FTA Drivers Walk Around Check.

Does the FTA DWAC App take photos of defects?
Yes the app does take photos of defects and stores it on the handheld device; the system will also send a copy to the FTA Truckfile Fleet management system for you to view with your other Drivers Walk Around Checks.

Can the system tell me who has not carried out a drivers walk around check?
Yes the system if you set up a time based notification for drivers checks E.g. Notify me of any missed checks after 10am. A report can also be printed to show all missed driver’s checks.

Can I manually add a defect to the vehicle record from the office?
Yes you can add a manual defect to the vehicle record under the safety check screen for that vehicle.

Is there a User Guide for the Drivers' Walk Around Check App?
Click Here to download the User Guide

Does the App work with Windows 8?
Yes, there is now a Windows 8 Mobile (versions 8 & 8.1) which can be downloaded from the Windows store

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1. Danny on 14/10/2014, said:

As a small business this app gives the confidence and piece of mind to know that a daily check has been done, and means I can action any defects immediately with clear and concise information about the problem. I would recommend this app for any transport company
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