Disposable Breathalyser

Disposable Breathalyser

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If travelling in or through France it is best practice for a driver to carry a disposable breathalyser. NF-Approved disposable breathalyser. 

Unlike other kits where the user has to blow through the tube (which can be difficult for some users, especially the elderly) with the Contralco kit the user blows into the bag without the tube first; the ends of the tube are then squeezed together (nothing to break off, throw away etc) and the air is then squeezed by hand back through the tube. 
The kit includes both 1 x tube and 1 x bag per kit and come in a sealed, waterproof plastic sachet

How do I read the result?
If the crystals are all yellow, the result is zero so you are clear to drive.
If the crystals are green below the line, according to the test you are under the maximum limit but you do have alcohol in your blood and your judgement and reaction times will almost certainly be affected – you should perhaps consider waiting a while and retesting
If the crystals are green beyond the lineyou are definitely over the limit. DO NOT DRIVE!

How do I know if the Breathalyzer is NF Approved?
Any device that is NF Approved will have the blue and white NF logo on the packaging. The supplier should also be able to provide you with an NF certificate if requested

Are there any other items required for travelling in France?
You should always check before travelling the current legal requirements for the country you are visiting to make sure you are complying.

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1. Graham on 09/06/2013, said:

very useful when needing to self-test next morning
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