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The VanWeigh axle overload protection system is specifically designed for two axled vehicles with standard coil or leaf spring suspension. Each axle is monitored with a patented, solidstate sensor which monitors the load applied to each axle. The information is displayed to the driver on the dual channel digital indicator and an audible alarm sounds if the total vehicle or axle weight maximum is reached.

Please note that there is an installation and calibration charge of £245.00 for this product

Please phone 03717 11 11 11 to order this product

The driver has a choice of three screens:

Screen 1: Dial screen view

Screen 2: A graphical van display with the actual weight in lbs and the percent of payload vs. load capacity

Screen 3: An actual weight over each axle plus the GVW in lbs and the percent of payload vs. load capacity.

The driver will be alerted to three conditions:

Safe: Indicates loads up to 90% eitherfront or rear axle and total load

Warning: Indicates loads between 90% and 100%

Overload: Alerts the driver to an axle or vehicle infringement above 100% load

VanWeigh has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs, which are common in other axle protection systems

Features and Benefits:

Accuracy ±3% FSD (90%–100%)
Telematics / V21 output
Axle overload protection
Gross overload protection
Balanced load distribution
Maximize payload capacity
Reduced fuel consumption
Reduce vehicle wear and tear

System Specification:

Screen: 160x120 pixels
Accuracy: ±3% FSD
Safe Weight Setting: Up to 90%
Warning: 90% - 100%
Overload Setting: Over 100%
Power Supply: 12/24 Volt
Operating Current: <400mA
Standby Current: <5 mA

*Please be advised that this equipment is for guidance only. FTA does not endorse this product and cannot be held liable for the equipments accuracy if an operator is prosecuted for an overloading incident.

What is the accuracy of the system?
VanWeigh is accurate to +/- 3% of the Gross Vehicle Weight when the vehicle is at 90% -100% of load

What size vehicle can it be installed on?
VanWeigh is ideally suited for light commercial vehicles up to and including 7.5t Gross Vehicle Weight

What type of suspension will it work on?
VanWeigh can be installed to steel suspension i.e. standard coil or leaf spring suspension

How many axles can it work with?

Can it be retro-fitted?

Is the installation and calibration included in the price?
No, there will be an additional charge for the installation and calibration which will be provided with your quote.

Can the VanWeigh be installed on-site?

What will be needed for the installation?
Our engineer will need somewhere safe to work, under cover and preferably with access to ramps or a pit.  The customer will need to be available at the start of the installation to confirm where in the vehicle the VanWeigh display will be installed.  Once the system has been installed the vehicle will need to be fully loaded for the final calibration. A flat clear area will be required for the calibration process

How long does it take to install?
Approx. 4 hours but is dependant on how quickly it can be loaded for calibration

Are there any moving parts?
The unique feature of VanWeigh is its patented sensor technology. This results in a system which has no moving parts only solid state sensors, therefore it is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration which is common in other axle monitoring systems because of stretched mechanical and or spring components

Does the driver need to press any buttons?
No input is required by the driver

Is there a weighing data output available?
A cable can be supplied with the VanWeigh system which allows telematics systems to capture the weight information and alarm triggers. This option is not a standard and is an additional cost to the standard price

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