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TruckWeigh is specifically designed for all vehicles with mechanical and/or air spring suspension. PM Onboard have combined features of its patented axle transducer technology and proven 1155 digital indicator to provide a low cost overload protection and payload optimisation system.

TruckWeigh is simple to install and offers cost effective overload protection for new and existing vehicles.

Prices vary depending on vehicle type and start at £1,000 + installation and calibration on site of £600 per vehicle, please call us on 03717 11 11 11 for more information

Axle Protection
TruckWeigh has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs which are common in other axle protection systems. Combinations of PM Onboard’s patented axle transducers and/or air pressure transducers obtain the loading condition of each axle or axle group.

TruckWeigh Digital Indicator
Specially engineered for on-board use, the TruckWeigh indicator is a versatile display designed to suit a variety of trucks from 7.5tonne to 50tonne GVW. Its mounting flexibility ensures that it is suitable for both DIN radio mount and dash mount. The indicator provides overload protection for individual axles and for the complete vehicle. The indicator can connect to the 511 FreeWeigh, handheld remote display.

Trailer Identification
Where tractor and trailer combinations are swapped, TruckWeigh automatically recognises the overload protection system on the trailer, so there is no need to recalibrate every time the trailer is swapped.

Packer Plate Shutdown
The packer plate shutdown function ensures overloading is prevented by inhibiting the compaction unit when the gross or net alarm point is reached. An override key switch allows the compaction unit to be switched back on by an authorised person.

Barrier Control
The intelligent barrier control provides a signal that can be used to drive the barrier forward to redistribute the load across the rear axles, preventing overloading.

Telematics Output
Connection to third party tracking systems is easily achieved via TruckWeigh’s standard telematics output.

Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy ±3% FSD (90 – 100%)
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to fit to new and existing vehicles
  • No driver input required
  • Axle and gross overload protection
  • 7.5 – 50tonne GVW
  • Rugged for harsh environments
  • AxleWatch
  • Trailer identification
  • Packer plate shutdown
  • Intelligent barrier control
  • Overload alarm, audible or visual
  • Balanced load distribution
  • Maximise payload capacity
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear and fuel consumption
  • Protect your licence
  • Avoid fines and overload endorsements

*Please be advised that this equipment is for guidance only. FTA does not endorse this product and cannot be held liable for the equipments accuracy if an operator is prosecuted for an overloading incident.

What is the accuracy of the system?
TruckWeigh is accurate to +/- 2.5% of the Gross Vehicle Weight when the vehicle is at 90%-100% of load

What size vehicle can it be installed on?
TruckWeigh is ideally suited for commercial vehicles 7.5t to 50 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight

What type of suspension will it work on?
TruckWeigh can be installed to steel and or rubber suspension i.e. standard coil or leaf spring suspension and or air suspension

Can it be retro fitted?

Is the installation and calibration included in the price?
No, there will be an additional charge for the installation and calibration which will be provided with your quote.

Can the TruckWeigh be installed on-site?

What will be needed for the installation?
Our engineer will need somewhere safe to work, under cover and preferably with access to ramps or a pit.  The customer will need to be available at the start of the installation to confirm where in the vehicle the TruckWeigh display will be installed.  Once the system has been installed the vehicle will need to be fully loaded for the final calibration. A flat clear area will be required for the calibration process

How long does it take to install?
Approx. 4 hours but is dependant on how quickly it can be loaded for calibration

Are there any moving parts?
The unique feature of TruckWeigh is its patented sensor technology. This results in a system which has no moving parts only solid state sensors, therefore it is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration which is common in other axle monitoring systems because of stretched mechanical and or spring components

Does the driver need to press any buttons?
No input is required by the driver

Is there a weighing data output available?
TruckWeigh has a data output as standard which allows telematics systems to capture the load information and alarm triggers

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