DigiDL Remote Download Unit

DigiDL Remote Download Unit

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The latest in remote downloading.

The DigiDL enables automation of the digital downloading process, eliminating the need for manual intervention in most cases.

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Price is exclusive of both installation cost and SIM card cost. Price also excludes the cables cost of £30+VAT and any additional cables for Mercedes and Volvo Vehicles.

Seamlessly download Tachograph data from your vehicles via GPRS. It is a legal requirement to download data from both the Vehicle Unit and Drivers Card, this time consuming task can be automated by using the digiDL.

Designed for companies who have drivers and vehicles spread across the country, as an aid to offer full flexibility as the vehicle can transfer data from any location.

This unit is only suitable for Stoneridge Rev 7.0 and Stoneridge Exact and VDO 1.3, 1.4 tachographs and above

Technical features

  • Download any EU Digital Tachograph which supports CAN-Bus remote download
  • Remote authentication of Company Card
  • Centralised and scheduled download control
  • All data sent to user nominated server
  • Remote firmware
  • Suitable for use in tankers as intrinsically safe


  • Centralisation of data from multiple locations
  • Separate schedules for the Driver Card and vehicle.  Driver could conceivably be paid on the card data in a timely fashion
  • Timely notification of infringements for driver training and management
  • Puts an end to missed downloads
  • Helps maintain a good rating with DVSA and hence helps protect the valuable O Licence
  • Can provide instant downloads in case of accidents or investigations
  • Data is sent directly from the vehicle into the FTA analysis system so the whole process is seamless
  • The download schedule is totally defined by the operator
  • digiDL can be easily swapped between vehicles at end of lease or hire
  • Fitting is made extremely simple with digiDL. Download the DigiDL Installation Guide for Fitters
  • Improves utilisation of vehicles as they do not have to be in a specific place for download and the download can be done while the vehicle is in operation
  • Download can work anywhere in Europe with the appropriate SIM contract
  • Data transfers are encrypted
  • Any firmware updates are automatic and digiDL can be monitored and supported remotely
  • Supports all EU Tachographs from 2010 onwards

Price is exclusive of both installation cost and SIM card cost.
Price also excludes an additional cable for Mercedes and Volvo Vehicles
Please call 03717 11 11 11 for further details

PLEASE NOTE - this product is only available to customers when purchased in conjunction with the Visionfta Software and Analysis.  Downloads will be taken at the beginning of the shift so it is important to still have a manual download process for all drivers to ensure 100% data capture.  It is the responsibility of the operator to monitor the downloads to ensure full vehicle and card data has fed into Vision (see FAQ's for more information)

What is remote download and why do I need it?
Downloading Digital Tachograph data is undeniably time consuming and costly.  Remote download allows a vehicle to automatically download and transmit it’s Digital Tachograph data via WIFI or GPRS technologies.  In the case of digiDL data is sent directly to FTA servers for analysis.

How do I check if my digital tachograph unit is compatible with the DigiDL?
You can check compatibility by clicking here and entering your tachograph serial number. 

Will digiDL let me set my own schedule for remote download?
You can set a schedule per vehicle.  The DigiDL checks the server when the ignition is first turned on for scheduled tasks and services

Can digiDL download Driver Cards?
You set a separate schedule for each driver card and at the required time the vehicle containing that particular Driver Card will service the request.  The DigiDL checks the server when the ignition is first turned on for scheduled tasks and services, and at this point it is likely to download the driver card

What happens if an agency driver is operating a vehicle fitted with a DigiDL?
It is recommended that agency driver’s have a secondary solution to download their driver card. This will ensure their complete shift will be captured.

What if the digiDL loses connection to the server?  Provided that digiDL has been able to contact the server to authenticate with a Company card and pick up any scheduled tasks it can independently service these tasks and store the resultant files.  Once connection is re-established the data can be uploaded to the server in the normal way

Does digiDL produce files with signatures required by the authorities?
digiDL only provides legal files with signatures.  The file format is the same as the digivu or digifobpro and is in the .ddd format by default.

How quickly can I recoup my investment on the digiDL?
On average we would estimate that 2 man days per vehicle is spent downloading vehicles and uploading Driver Cards.  Taking into account overheads it could be as little as one year for digiDL to return a profit on investment.  Of course digiDL also allows a greater frequency of download if so required and is far more reliable in terms of capturing data in a timely manner.

Do I still need to use a Company Card in the vehicle?
One of the major points of remote download is that the Company Card is kept remotely from the vehicle.  In the case of digiDL the company card can be placed in the card reader of any PC connected to the Internet.  The supplied PC software effectively connects the Company card to the FTA server ready for connections from your vehicles.  digiDL is intelligent and will only need to contact the Company Card for approximately 20 seconds in every 12 hours.  In very large fleets you can use more than one Company Card to avoid contention.

Can digiDL download any Digital Tachograph remotely?
digiDL will download any VDO 1.3 or 1.4 Tachograph and any Stoneridge from Revision 7 onwards.  In very broad terms this tends to include vehicles from 59 plate onwards.  This is because the remote download standard was finalised in early 2009.

With the digiDL GPRS version how much data is sent?
For low level usage such as a Driver Card once per week and a Vehicle monthly we would recommend 4MB and for a Driver Card daily and Vehicle weekly we would recommend up to a maximum of 10MB of data per month

What about the safety of my data, can anyone else capture it?
All connections between digiDL and the server are encrypted.  The digiDL does not accept any connections from external servers or devices so cannot be interrogated.

What if I change vehicles can I move the digiDL?
The digiDL will automatically associate with the vehicle it is connected to. You can move the digiDL from one vehicle to another provided the new vehicle has a compatible Tachograph.  You will need to create a new schedule for the vehicle.

Is the digiDL easy to install?
The digiDL comes with all of the necessary cabling.  Installation is effectively plug and play with no independent wiring to the vehicle power.  For peace of mind we would always advise that you seek the services of a qualified fitter or use the services of your local dealer or Calibration Station. Download the DigiDL Installation Guide for Fitters

Does my Tachograph meet the required specification?
Remote download was introduced in late 2009 so vehicles mainly from 2010 onwards are fitted with Tachograph compatible with remote Download.
VDO Siemens:
With VDO units you must first check the Tachograph Version is 1.3 or later then you must check the VU part number or Model to ensure the unit has a secondary CAN installed.  Note that DAF LF models and some other vehicles in the Renault range may require the secondary CAN to be enabled with a VDO CTC Programmer.
The Stoneridge unit must be a Rev 7.0 or later.  Use a VU Technical print out or Tachosys Tachofileviewer to check.

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